Outboard Boat Engines

Used Yamaha 2019 Yamaha 200Hp 2 Stroke Outboard
Fort Myers
Carbon fiber
€ 3,800
Tohatsu MFS50 brand new with 7 year warranty
East Sussex
€ 7,500
Yanmar D27 Diesel Outboard used
€ 3,500


Outboard Motor Tips

When choosing an outboard motor, many owners of watercraft are faced with the question: “how and what kind of motor to buy?”.

Much depends on how and what the boat will be used for. Will it be not regular use in one place or intensive use in various water bodies. Also, in order to purchase an outboard motor that best suits your boat, you need to know the answers to the questions below and understand the main characteristics.


1. The basis of the PLA can be called an internal combustion engine (ICE).
2. Propeller – converts the rotation of the motor shaft into the movement of your boat.
3. Reducer – is the link between the internal combustion engine and the propeller, it transmits torque.
4. To protect the engine and gearbox from water and dirt, a special plastic case is used, which also serves as a sound insulator – this is the casing of the outboard motor.


It is possible to distinguish the main types of PLM depending on:
1. Engine cycles – there are two-stroke and four-stroke.

2. Engine power and weight
In the passport of each boat there are recommendations from the manufacturer on the maximum and recommended motor power, as well as the permissible motor weight. Carefully read the instructions for the boat before choosing a motor, remember – following the recommendations you increase the life of the boat’s hull and reduce the likelihood of risks such as coups.

3. Shaft length (feet)
with short leg 381 mm. (S);
with leg length 508 mm. (L);
with extra long leg 635 mm. (XL)

4. Launch type
Manual start usually happens on low power engines, on outboard motors from 20 hp. and more installed electric start.

5. Control type
tiller control, involves the presence of a handle rigidly connected to the motor housing, when shifting the motor from side to side, the movement of the boat is controlled. On the tiller there is a throttle control, a starter, and there is also an emergency ignition switch.

remote control, in which turns are carried out by a system of cables connected to the steering and motor. The rest of the control is placed in a special block.