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€ 2,500
Inland waters, North Sea
Bareboat or crewed
Boat Description

The classic sailing yacht Seaftinghe was launched in 1930 from the De Boer Brother’s shipyard , in Lemmer, as a fisherboat for mussels. At the end of the Second World War the ship was commandeered by the German Army, and was brought back to The Netherlands at the beginning of 1946. It was purchased by the present owner in 1997 and converted into a charter ship.

The Seaftinghe is a comfortable ship with a lot of space above and below deck. There are five cabins, a shower, toilet an excellent kitchen, central heating and hot and cold running water. With the Seaftinghe you can make marvelous sailing trips around the IJsselmeer and Wadden Sea,and also through Friesland.

The ‘Seaftinghe’ is a comfortable ship with plenty of room both on deck and below. It is a wonderful place to stay whether lounging in the cosy main cabin or sunbathing on deck.

The ‘Seaftinghe’ home port is Makkum. From here you can make gorgeous trips along the historical ports on the IJsselmeer, but also through Friesland where you can experience the intimate atmosphere of its lakes and canals, and the Waddenzee and magnificent Frisian islands are not far away.

The crew of the ‘Seaftinghe’ will do everything in their power to ensure you have a comfortable vacation. Inexperienced sailors will quickly begin learning the basics and the crew loves to share what they know about all the places you visit.