Klipper 42.00

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€ 250,000
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Boat Description

Classic antique sailboat for sale.
After 30 years of sailing the Manna, the plug is going out. The current (4th) owners are clear. It has been enough. The Manna is a sailing monument from 1897. A ship at that time without engine and sails. A so called drag clipper of iron.

Suitable for habitation in a museum port in the Netherlands. It is even possible to get an A-status for it but then the masts have to be removed.

As company vessel the ship can of course also be taken over. Suitable for 34 passengers during multi-day trips and up to 60 passengers during day trips. The ship has been surveyed and certified to sail with guests. The certification runs until 2023.

Engine: DAF DK 1160
Engine power: 250 hp (184 kW)
Propulsion: shaft drive
Consumption for cruis. speed: 8 ltr/hour
Fuel tank: 2,000 ltr
Fresh water tank: 12,000 ltr
Holding tank: 500 ltr