Wefers RW Spezial

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€ 20,000
Boat Description

Renovated classic wood / GRP racing yacht of the premium brand Rolf Wefers FOR SALE!

RW Designs have been on the market since 1980 and delight their owners. At the shipyard on the Lower Rhine, boats were built in the classic style, i.e. with long overhangs and a decidedly slim hull shape.

The boats of the RW series are almost all one-of-a-kind, as they were individually manufactured in cooperation with the future owner, with great care and love and 95% handcrafted.

By using modern materials such as stainless steel for the keels and fiberglass reinforced plastic for the hulls, the boats get their captivating appearance, but without requiring intensive maintenance.

Therefore, an RW yacht stands for timeless elegance and the perfect interplay of modernity and tradition. RWs are classic yachts above and a modern construction below the water. With attention to detail right from the start.

The boat is being extensively restored by Boats Schmalzl:
– UW paint NEW
– Teak maintenance deck
– Coaming newly painted