Malø 37 Classic mrk ll

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€ 266,000
Boat Description

This is the attitude that is lived by at the Malö shipyard on the island of Orust a little north of Gothenburg. If a Malö should be something for you, it is because you are a person who is happy to have quality in your life.

Quality that can be heard when you knock on the hull. Quality that can be seen when you let your eyes wander over a 12mm teak deck. Quality that can be felt in the fingers when you open a massive cupboard door for shelter.

If you look at a Malö, then it is hardly your first boat, and you have probably seen a part, and probably also a part that did not quite live up to your expectations. It makes a Malö. When others use laminate, Malö uses solid wood. When others use 8-10mm teak for the deck, Malö uses 12mm. When others paint 5 times, Malö paints 8, even though 5 is often enough. They do it because they know it’s better that way.
In addition, there is a list of equipment that is absolutely suitable for the boat.

Imagine setting foot on this deck, throwing the moorings, and sailing wherever you want. A trip in the boat’s domestic waters in the Swedish archipelago, anchoring up in a cove, docking on a cliff. Or go into one of the beautiful harbors to enjoy the atmosphere. Or sail around the globe ? trust us, the boat is built for it. Here is the opportunity. It should also just be mentioned that the seller is not satiated by all that. He has just fallen in love – in another Malö of course.

The boat can be inspected at Öresund, Denmark.