“KARABOUDJAN”, 1933(2019), 55ft, Price Reduction

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€ 399,993
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^^ PRICE REDUCTION ^^ , Available
450 000 Eur. >>> 399 993 Eur.
474 000 USD >>> 422 000 USD

She was refitted by classic lover couple .. and ready for her next 80’y.
“Karaboudjan” , (ex Margo 3) ,was built in 1933, on Tamise river, by James Taylor Shipyard following Sir Bates architect designer on the Tamise river.

We were in 1930’s when TAYLOR’s Shipyard felt a new business and would like to develop a new segment “We must be different from the other traditionnel Tamise’s boat builder ! We will propose and build luxury trawlers for gentlemans, landlords or prestigious british families. Their new yachts were highly appreciated when in 1940, part of British history “MARGOT 3” was requisitioned for making balloons lines and barrage boats by US Army Air Forces and British Royal Air Force to protect Portland harbour from Airplanes attacks. After this 2nd WW, she enjoyed a few years in Dorset , Wales and South of Spain with her different owners.

And that’s in December 2016 , this actual french couple, retired from the yachting industry are looking to buy and realize a life dream project… After extensive research.. They visited her in the UK and they fell more in love.They bought it in pity conditions.. sailed back to Brittany and set-up an amazing and extensive refit by professionals . It took 2 years…removed everything aboard, they checked the wood structure, each plank. check each copper tip .. like a full healthy check up.
They installed new engines, new electricity system, new geneset, redoing all the varnish, all furniture, sofa , mattress , modern kitchen … They kept the bathtub and other original identity parts of her.
Now they would like to sell her because they planned to cruise for 1 year across Europe from last year then covid 19 stopped their cruising project.
Many thanks for your interest to showing on this amazing KARABOUDJAN and feel free for other questions
pdf photobook available to download on ideal-yacht.com
360 visit , helm station , living area and sleeping area are available by request
Ready for survey, worldwide shipping and premium delivery.
Thanks Fred