Giorgio Mussini Utility 748 Portofino

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€ 45,000
Boat Description

In the spring of 2019, the vessel was subjected to a total refitting of the hull, bilge and blanket by a construction site specialized in the restoration of wooden boats.
During the work the whole oak was replaced, the original wooden bittes were replaced with mushroom steel bittes, new battery and totally overhauled electrical system, new street lights, the caratorius was strengthened, the hydraulic wheelhouse and the rudder and shady have been overhauled;

The hull has been modified with the affixing of a fixed flap the same length as the planned standard mobile flaps. The intervention aims to allow the semiplane to a lower engine rev scheme and to make the boat even less "wet" than it was already on the basis of the original design.

Manufacturer: Giorgio Mussini
Boat kind: powerboat
Category: used boat
Year built: 2006
Location: Italy, Toscana

Technical data
Length: 7.48 m (24.5 feet)
Beam / draught: 2.40 / 0.60 m

Engine: Yanmar
Engine power: 95 hp (70 kW)
Fuel: diesel