X-Yacht 452

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€ 70,000
San Blas
Boat Description

We are a couple of cruisers who for the past 5 years have enjoyed living and sailing on this magnificent sailboat. we prepared the boat to cross the pacific in 2021, but due to the pandemic and the arrival of our first daughter we had to change plans …

It is a sailboat for those who like to sail, both in regatta and on a cruise around the world, fast, comfortable and sensitive, with the security of quality that only an X-yacht can offer.X-Yachts is know for being builder in the wolrd which mass produces boats that are capable of wining on the most difficultraicing grounds.

The Danes from hederslev have integrated their accumulated experience with further studies of the 43-45 foot cruiser/racers on the confirmation of what we culd difine the X Formula.They start with fast hull shapesand highly developed appendages and add interiorsin which ratinality doesnt take a back seat to aesthetics and comfort,a combination that is also attractive commercially.

The difficult lies in putting together efficiently such contrastingelements. But in this regard X-Yachts has reached and maintaiend an excellent level of quality, of whichthe X-452 cruiser/racer is a shining example.

The hull, with hand laid E-glass reinforced with Kevlar 49 at the points of greatest stress, is bilt for the same mold as the X-2 Ton for the shape of a trul racer. the 3900 kl keel has benefited from the numerous test carried out on the X-1 Ton and X-2 Ton appendages. the same thing holds for the ruder with Kevlar 49 and E-Glass blade and 103mmdiameter aluminiun shft rotetion in spherical bushings.