Nordia 61 Ketch

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€ 180,000
Finike Marina
Yacht broker
Boat Description

Boat name: ARI HAYAM
Manufacturer: Nordia
Boat kind: sailboat / sailing yacht
Category: used boat
Year built: 1993
Previous owners: 1
Condition: very good
Location: Turkey, Finike Marina
Flag: Israel
Persons: 15
Hull material: steel boat

Technical data
Length: 18.62 m (61.1 feet)
Beam / draft: 5.05 / 2.85 m
The vessel was built according to a program of "61 Nordia Dam Van" in self-build, body building material
The ST52 iron vessel, 8-6 mm thick, in the body of the vessel 2 built-up partitions width Iron with sealed iron doors, plus a collision partition, and a sealed partition in the wheelhouse section.

In the body of the vessel beneath the waterline 14 openings for discharge / discharge of seawater, the openings are protected by means of
Brass ball valves.
At the center of the vessel is a central folding water extraction system that draws from 4 sections of the vessel using
Electric lowering pump 220 volts.
The vessel has 3 additional immersion pumps, immersion, mobility, non-automatic, and a secondary pump
Portable diesel.
The body of the vessel is divided according to the following description:
A collision part bow, a bowling alley, 6-bed camps, a 9-bed living room, a navigation table,
Dining table, 2 refrigerators and freezer, and main electrical panel, on the right a fitted kitchen, on the left entrance to the cabin
Engine, stern, and crew quarters, and steering wheel.
The vessel is equipped with 2 masts and a sailing array, and is powered by an internal diesel engine.