Helios 2 Yacht


Interior Helios 2 Yacht


Length (LOA) 51 m / 168 ft.
Beam 8.6 m
Draught 2.6 m
Top speed 14 kn (1 knot = 1.85 kilometers/hour)
Cost $15 miln.
Year 2002
Helios 2 Yacht owner Dennis Mehiel
Builder Palmer Johnson Yachts
Design Sparkman & Stephens, Inc./ Interior Designer: Ramsey Engler 
Country USA
Crew 17
Cabins 12
Engine Caterpillar
Fuel capacity 76 800 litres
Water capacity 17 000 litres
Yacht equipment


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Helios 2 Yacht

The Helios 2 Yacht is a luxurious and sleek vessel designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life. With its state-of-the-art technology and spacious interior, this yacht offers a truly unforgettable experience on the open seas. Whether you’re hosting a glamorous party or simply enjoying a peaceful cruise, the Helios 2 Yacht is the perfect choice for those seeking elegance and comfort.

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