Zodiac Futura Mark III Alu-Pack (inkl. Verdeck)

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€ 15,000
Boat Description

Used RIB for sale.
The boat is in very good condition, with no defects and was opened on 22nd Sep. 2020, i.e. it is from MFK. The boat has a complete driver’s platform: two adjustable bench seats on rails, a mini control console for the bench seat, steering wheel with steering system and steering cable. A speed measurement app measured 52 km / h. The engine only has 130 hours of operation!

The engine has been serviced, the exhaust gas maintenance document is up-to-date and all accessories such as life jackets, seat cushions, ropes, fire extinguishers, fog horns, pumps, two 6-meter ratchet straps 35mm, etc. are given free of charge.

A test drive can be arranged.
There is a spare wheel on the trailer and there is also an anti-theft safety box.
The boat and trailer are three and a half years old and, with the exception of a few days, were always in our underground garage in Winterthur.

All purchase documents, declaration of conformity, instructions, warranty manual, purchase contract and accessory invoices are available and are handed over with the purchase.