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€ 12,500
Boat Description

Loving, newly built boat. Deck and hull were separated, inner shell and foam removed, shell was laminated thicker. Spans were laminated in and a new floor was built. The hull and deck have been repainted with AWL GRIP paint (paint for mega yachts absolutely best quality). The boat is absolutely new as only the shape is from 1976. Retractable cleats, Bartels jib system.

Gennacker fall, gennacker boom extension line and downhaul can be operated from the helmsman (gennaker boom is not a new design at Sailhorse). By default, a jut tree is part of it for placing / setting the mast. The mast can be set up in 15 minutes and just as quickly.

Thanks to the freshly tested special trailer with mast supports, you don’t need a berth for this boat. Decide the day before which body of water you want to go sailing, take the trailer there and get to know new waters.
That is a huge advantage of this daysailer.

There is an used mainsail and an occasion jib and genoa for sale. It makes sense to design the sails according to the taste of the new owner, I am happy to help

The boat was rebuilt by me, a Swiss certified boat builder. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me. Or show you this unique jewel personally.

The price is negotiable within a reasonable framework, but it should be clear to everyone that this boat is absolutely unique. The refit brought about as much work as a new building, the boat also built in more new material than the existing one, I could realize special requests in the expansion or fittings or details for a reasonable, moderate surcharge.