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Perini Navi Sailing Catamaran 2023

Perini Navi has launched Art Explorer, the largest aluminum sailing catamaran in the world, designed by architect Axel De Beaufort, who oversaw the design of both the exterior and interior. To celebrate this great achievement, the yacht will be presented as a world premiere from 27 to 30 September at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023.

With a length of 47 meters, an exceptional width of 17.30 meters and an impressive full carbon sail plan with a 55 meter mast, Art Explorer is a unique and cutting-edge project. This is the first model built by Perini Navi after the relaunch of the brand by The Italian Sea Group, a global luxury yachting operator. After the stop in Monaco, the yacht will bring artistic experiences around the world for the next two years, together with a strong environmental awareness.

More https://www.perininavi.it/it/yacht/sailing-catamaran-art-explorer/


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