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The Baltic Yachts shipyard is preparing to launch its most extreme yacht yet, the 111-foot (34-meter) carbon fiber Raven. This yacht becomes a true work of art in boatbuilding due to its impressive characteristics.

First of all, the Raven is striking in its lightness – only 55 tons at 34 meters. This achievement is made possible through the use of advanced materials and technologies. However, the real innovation is the T-shaped hydrofoils fitted to a yacht of this size. This solution was developed by the design team from Botin Partners, who previously created the AC75 Patriot for the America’s Cup. These hydrofoils provide the yacht with stability and increased maneuverability.

Photo credit: Eva-Stina Kjellman

“Raven” is designed taking into account not only extreme racing, but also comfortable cruising. This unique yacht will be capable of high-speed passages over long distances, providing its owners with a unique experience in the world of yachting and travel.


Concept: Jarkko Jämsén

Naval architect: Botin Partners

Exterior and interior design: Jarkko Jämsén

Structural Engineering: PURE Design and Engineering

Owner’s project manager: Garth Brewer, A2B Marine Projects

Manager Raven Sailing team: Klabbe Nylöf

Baltic Yachts Project Management: Sam Evans, Mattias Svenlin

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