Club Náutico de Motril

Club Náutico de MotrilPhotos of the marina (may differ from reality).

Dear visitor, since you have entered this web page you are using a tool that offers you an incredible world of possibilities to make it easier and more comfortable for you to get to know your yacht club. The Real Club Náutico Motril, is aware of the importance of information in the technology society and aware of the need for the institution to take an essential qualitative step for our future, makes this new service available, which represents in practice one more step in the modernization process in the that we have worked on in recent years. The Club website is also a wonderful opportunity to facilitate and streamline the information and advertising mechanisms in real time, a clear commitment to favoring the unity of the associates around the objectives of our joint projects. We want the visitor to find here everything they need to learn about our history and to keep up to date with everything that happens in the cl ub. We want our website, born with a vocation for progress and updating, in which the associates themselves have a lot to say so that it responds precisely to their real needs, to be from now on a practical and useful tool that meets both professional and advertising needs. This website is the result of the unequivocal commitment to modernity of the members of the Real Club Náutico Motril.

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Address Club Náutico de Motril

Motril (Granada), Spain
  • Latitude.: 36º 46' 0'' N
  • Longitude: 03º 31' 0'' W
  • Moorings: 193
  • Draft: 5,5 m
  • Maximum length: 14 m
  • Concessions until: 2021

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