Puerto Deportivo Puerto Rico

Puerto Deportivo Puerto RicoPhotos of the marina (may differ from reality).

In Puerto Rico there are, in fact, two marinas, since two adjoining docks, between which there is a beach, constitute the facility. The dock located furthest to the west is considered as a wintering dock, while the eastern dock is more frequented by passing yachts, being able to accommodate boats of up to 70 meters in the dock, while the pontoons have capacity for yachts of up to 16 m. . The place is easily distinguished from a distance, as the steep slopes of the ravine have been occupied by a number of tourist buildings, which provides a lively atmosphere and many services.

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Address Puerto Deportivo Puerto Rico

Mogán (Gran Canaria), Spain
  • Latitude.: 27º 47' '' N
  • Longitude: 15º 42' '' W
  • Moorings: 531
  • Draft: 9 m
  • Maximum length: 30 m
  • Concessions until: 2020

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  • Services:
    Travelift 30 Tn.


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