Puerto de Fornell - Platform 100 S.L.

Puerto de Fornell - Platform 100 S.L.Photos of the marina (may differ from reality).

Its antecedents can be found in modest facilities that existed in the 19th century. The main infrastructures are the riverside and semi-detached docks that are used for pleasure boats and the fishing fleet. The natural harbor has a large area for anchoring in the vicinity of the dock. Currently, the Port of Fornells has 115 moorings managed directly by the Ente Ports de les Illes Balears and another 100 moorings managed by the Fornells Yacht Club.

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Address Puerto de Fornell - Platform 100 S.L.

Ciutadella de Menorca (Minorca ), Spain
  • Latitude.: 40º 03' 0'' N
  • Longitude: 4º 7' 0'' E
  • Moorings: 513
  • Draft: 2 m
  • Maximum length: 15 m
  • Concessions until: Autorización anual

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  • Services:
    VHF canal 9


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