Puerto de Escombreras

Puerto de EscombrerasPhotos of the marina (may differ from reality).

The Escombreras cove is on the eastern side of what can be called the outer port of Cartagena and is limited to the south by the Punta de los Aguilones. It presents in its mouth an opening of 1,700 m and penetrates 1 mile to the E. It is all clean; It has 25 to 28 m of water at the entrance, over sand and mud, which decreases little by little towards the center, where 8 to 11 m are probed, also over sand and mud, although with some patches of algae". (D. 9-34). "Ships bound for Escombreras must take as a landfall point to enter the port, the one located at the N-S cut of the red light at the end of the Bastarreche dock-pier in dumps. The port of Escombreras has an entrance mouth oriented to the NNW and a width of 420 m".

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Address Puerto de Escombreras

Cartagena (Murcia ), Spain
  • Latitude.: 37º 34' 30'' N
  • Longitude: 00º 57' 30'' W
  • Moorings: 120
  • Draft: 1/3 m

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