Puerto Marina el Rompido

Puerto Marina el RompidoPhotos of the marina (may differ from reality).

The Marina El Rompido port has 331 moorings parallel to the current of the Río Piedras. Given its conception as a river port, there are no measures to regulate the tidal currents within the facilities, but on few occasions they exceed two knots of speed. The port has wide spaces between mooring lines that will facilitate manoeuvres, although there may be momentary restrictions on access to some berths, particularly at peak spring tides. To reduce the limitations caused by currents, the port offers users a service of sailors and a boat for assistance and towing for docking boats. There are also waiting pontoons to tie up temporarily until the tide changes, which will be assigned by the port staff in each case. The use of the tugboat and assistance of the sailors within the port is free and always under the responsibility of the captain of the assisted ship. The port management recommends that in adverse situations the movement of ships be carried out at the tidal points. Users are recommended to consult the port staff in case of doubt and ask for assistance.

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Address Puerto Marina el Rompido

Cartaya (Huelva ), Spain
  • Latitude.: 37º 12.9' '' N
  • Longitude: 07º 07.7' '' W
  • Moorings: 330
  • Maximum length: 14 m

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