Club Nàutic Sant Miquel de Colera

Club Nàutic Sant Miquel de ColeraPhotos of the marina (may differ from reality).

Gaudeix d'un port arrecerat i integrat between mountains, vinyes, esculls i alguers! If you like the sea and the mountains, if you love nature fully, the port of Colera is the destination you are looking for. I came to Colera and discovered an exceptional historical and natural heritage! Colera is troba to the vessant mariner of l'Albera, between the valleys of the Serra de la Balmeta. Above the sea between the Selva golf course and the contraforts of the Marenda coast. I termeneja amb Portbou, Banyuls, Rabós i Llançà.

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Address Club Nàutic Sant Miquel de Colera

Colera (Girona), Spain
  • Latitude.: 42º 24' 14'' N
  • Longitude: 3º 9' 26'' E
  • Moorings: 200

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  • Services:
    Crane 10 Tn.


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