Real Club Náutico de Cádiz

Real Club Náutico de CádizPhotos of the marina (may differ from reality).

The "Real Club Náutico de Cádiz" originated in 1869 as a "Club de Regatas", with the main purpose of promoting and practicing nautical sports activities and maritime rescue. In 1884 another sports society was born with the name of "Círculo Náutico" and its purpose is the practice of this sport. The merger of these two companies gives rise to a new entity that began operating in 1903, with the name of "Sociedad de Regatas y Club Náutico "and changed its name in 1913 to the current REAL CLUB NÁUTICO DE CÁDIZ as a result of consenting to hold its presidency H.M. King Alfonso XIII, granting the title of Royal to the entity. Located at 36º 32' 5' North latitude and 6º 17' West longitude, this port has an mouth width of 80 meters. and mud bottom. The depth at the entrance is 8 meters. and inside the port it ranges between 3 and 8 meters. It has 200 mooring points up to 14 meters. long. The port radio VHF CH 9 AND 16, the customs telephone number is (956) 27 43 50, and that of the marine authorities (956) 25 39 03.

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Address Real Club Náutico de Cádiz

Cádiz (Cádiz), Spain
  • Latitude.: 36º 32' 0'' N
  • Longitude: 06º 17' 0'' W
  • Moorings: 182
  • Draft: 5 m
  • Maximum length: 16 m

What options in

  • Services:
    VHF canal 9


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956 213 262

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