Puerto deportivo Vilanova de Arousa

Puerto deportivo Vilanova de ArousaPhotos of the marina (may differ from reality).

Vilanova de Arousa Marina The Galician coast is becoming more and more attractive for sailors. The improvement of communications by land, the considerable attractiveness of the Galician Rias and its characteristics, which make it navigable throughout the year, means that more and more sailors demand more mooring points in them. Thus, in the middle of the Ria de Arosa and recently built is the Vilanova de Arousa Marina. The tourist attraction of Vilanova de Arousa, without underestimating its festivals and its beaches, is in its historic center of exceptional value including among its stately homes, the birthplace of the famous writer D. Ramón Mª del Valle-Inclan, today converted into a museum of the illustrious novelist of the generation of 98. Walking through its streets we find numerous winks made to the works of this great writer born in the town. It is worth noting the importance of the museum-house of the Camba brothers, also born in the town and which is located in the old area of ​​Villamayor. Villanueva de Arosa is a mainly seafaring town, dedicated to the cultivation and extraction of the mussel, being in her numerous factories dedicated to the conserve of the same one. The production of fine, slimy and japonica clams, as well as the cockles that abound on its beaches, is also important. The landscapes that surround our marina are incomparable, to the north we have the beaches of the Carteleira and de las Sinas, and to the south we find the footbridge that over the sea will take us to the beaches of Terrón with clean waters and fine sand, which have shower services and numerous beach bars that will delight all kinds of palates. On our way back we can take the opportunity to visit the taverns and terraces that bordering the sea allow us to see its impressive sunsets over the Barbanza mountains at the end of the day.

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Address Puerto deportivo Vilanova de Arousa

Vilanova de Arousa (Pontevedra), Spain
  • Latitude.: 42º 33' 97'' N
  • Longitude: 08º 49' 99'' W
  • Draft: 4 m
  • Concessions until: 2038

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    VHF canal 16


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