Badía Tucana

Badía TucanaPhotos of the marina (may differ from reality).

Navigate the Ebro, calmly, with your own boat, with family or friends. A holiday in complete freedom and in harmony with nature. Discover unprecedented corners, learn about the cultural and historical heritage of the area. This is what our facilities in this swamp offer. Get to know the pleasure of being at the helm of a boat, driving is so simple that no title or previous experience is necessary. Take a chance with a different type of tourism and an unforgettable experience.

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Address Badía Tucana

Riba-roja d'Ebre (Tarragona ), Spain
  • Latitude.: 41º 14' 34,4'' N
  • Longitude: 0º 24' 59'' E
  • Moorings: 46
  • Maximum length: 11 m

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