Canals de Santa Margarida (Roses)

Canals de Santa Margarida  (Roses)Photos of the marina (may differ from reality).

In the Gulf of Rosas, and on the south side of the city, is the urbanization of Santa Margarita. Inside it there are a series of canals that have access to the sea through the mouth of the river Grau. Coming by boat, you access the main canal, and almost at the end on the right hand side, you will find Port Canigó, a residential complex and mooring for pleasure boats. Coming by road from Figueras before Arriving at Rosas and after passing Mercadona, turn off at the first roundabout to the right and follow the directions on the attached map.

MAP, Location

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Address Canals de Santa Margarida (Roses)

Roses (Girona), Spain
  • Latitude.: 42º 1' 3'' N
  • Longitude: 03º 8' 9'' E
  • Moorings: 1598
  • Draft: 2 m
  • Maximum length: 20 m

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